Friday, September 23, 2005

Three Bulls! run to the BEEF!

This is the thread where talk about how awesome it's gonna be when we sink that BEEF. We'll get some fries for pr and he can at least try the celery salt. This thread is about the Italian Beef. Let's leave the exact details to the e-mail so we don't end up in an LGF clusterf***. Iron Fist has been gunning for us for a long time, and we don't want to mess his shit up in front of his woman.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Let me just say right now, that these are awesome, and you will never convince me other wise. It is an art to get the ingredients perfectly balanced, and like the finest crazy sushi roll, the Chicago dog parts must exist in harmony. Here's what you get:

1) Steamed poppy-seed bun
2) Vienna Beef or other all beef tasty dog with natural casing for snap, not quite as overtly beefy as say a Hebrew National or other kosher dog, but defnitely not mushy like a Ball Park
3) Two tomato wedges placed on one side of the dog
4) A pickle wedge (kosher dill type, not some weird Vlassic thing) placed on the other side of the dog
5) Chopped onions
6) Relish, of an oddly blue-green color, sweet with definite spice flavor
7) Mustard
8) Plus/minus two small, think hot Italian "sport" peppers
9) Dash of celery salt

It's a little messy, and since the bun is really soft from steaming by the time you get to the end the bun is smooshed tight like a form fitting hug on the end of the dog. If over-steamed it can split, but not usually a problem. I urge you to get all the toppings to experience it authentically. Ketchup is an abomination to this dog, even in the ketchup loving midwest. They consider this a ketchup-free zone. I am not quite a purist in that I love it when the place (Michael's for instance- they actually have a branch in Ft. Lauderdale) also offers "char-dogs" or "fire-dogs"- the exact same toppings but they grill those bad boys. Magnificent.

Verdict: Delicious

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Item-Snow Crabs from Minado Japanese Seafood Buffet

Minado is a fantastic restaurant. They have a great selection of every kind of sushi and maki you could want, and much much more. In fact, just check out their menu yourself because I couldn't even tell you everything I ate - forget what was available

The food there ranges from above average to excellent. Never exquisite, though, but it is all-you-can-eat; they have to make a living! One of the highlights of the restaurant is an ample pile of snow crab legs. You want these! Remember: eyes on the prize! Make sure to take note of the location of the drawn butter so that you don't get over-exuberant and grab a handful without the butter. This can happen when you're making sure that nobody cuts you in line - because you're not the only one ogling them. To be somewhat critical, the snow crab legs are not as good as at The Barking Crab, and they tend to the over-cooked side. But they are tender, tasy, crabby, and leggy.

Verdict: Delicious!